Who should you turn to for quality carpet cleaning in Grapevine?

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After she's through, the carpet in your Grapevine home will need a quality cleaning!

After she’s through, the carpet in your Grapevine home will need a quality cleaning!

Texans love to celebrate Christmas. And the folks in Grapevine go to great lengths to display their holiday spirit.

We’re just weeks away from Christmas and the children have turned the living room in your Grapevine home into Santa’s workshop. The quality of work and creativity in their crafts are making your Christmas tree look lovely. But, your carpet? Well, that’s a bit of different story, isn’t it? It’s really beginning to look like it could use a quality cleaning.

Glue. Glitter. Paint. Chalk. Markers. They’re all essential in creating masterful ornaments for the tree and cards for the grandparents.  But, these aren’t too friendly to your carpet. Glue makes your carpet sticky…attracting and holding onto more dirt. Glitter, while pretty and shimmery, can make tiny cuts on the fiber of your carpet. Chalk isn’t a great threat, but paint and markers can be a serious threat to the longevity of your carpet. Once this arsenal of art supplies land in your carpet, you’re going to need a quality cleaning to get it ready for all of the Christmas festivities you have planned at your Grapevine home.

Go ahead. Make the call to Dr. Clean Carpet. Our trained technicians will deliver the cleaning needed to get your carpet looking clean and fresh.  From the moment they arrive at your Grapevine home, they will provide you with quality service.