We move the majority of furniture in the main living areas (most companies charge extra for this service). Beds, dressers and heavier pieces are left in place, however, for an additional charge we can move most heavier pieces.  For liability reasons, we do not move china cabinets, entertainment centers, antiques and other valuable pieces (please make arrangements to have these items moved to empty area and we will gladly clean those areas).  We do the best to clean around these areas.

Our powerful truckmounts make the drying process even faster than before.  Typically, with good circulation of air, your carpet is usually dry within 2-3 hrs.  Try to keep pets, children and heavy traffic off of carpet during the drying process.  Also, wait 24 hrs before removing protective blocks/tabs from under furniture that were placed by technicians.

We usually can clean an estimated 400 sq ft an hour.  However, each home is different and time can change slightly depending on amount of soiling, how much furniture to be moved, any specialty spot treatments,  and setup time.

Frequency of cleaning will vary from one house to another depending on the number of occupants, usage, pets, etc.  We recommend a professional steam clean minimum once a year.  However, under certain circumstances, we recommended a thorough cleaning twice a year. Remember, your carpet acts as a filtration system for your home’s air  and like all filters, should be cleaned regularly. Also, the dirt and grime build up in the fibers along with the friction of traffic can start to dull the carpet fibers (similar to rubbing sand paper on a gloss finish) leaving your carpet looking old and dirty.

We offer a 3M Scotchguard Protectant that acts as a shield.  With Scotchguard, it helps to thoroughly protect carpet fibers from moisture, by repelling away moisture giving you a window of time to clean up. Also, the protectant can help from wear and tear caused by abrasion from dirt, giving your carpet a longer life cycle.