Are you a busy owner and can’t seem to get up that grime, grease or dirt?  Don’t worry, our exclusive methods work for you too!  With our powerful emulsifiers that help break up stains, grease or gum, we are certain that we can make that trouble area shine. Take advantage of our carpet and fabric protectors. They’ll have your carpet’s defense system fighting back to withstand commercial traffic and looking great for years to come.

**We at Dr. Clean  Carpet | Cleaning & Restoration understand professionalism is essential. We will work with you to accommodate your cleaning needs before or after your hours of operation**


Dr. Clean’s exclusive methods are extremely powerful against fighting off everyday soil and dirt!  Occasionally, there are stains that will not leave your carpet fibers with just pre-spray, extreme water temperatures and powerful suction.  When this occurs, we give your stains our ‘special vaccines’.  Our powerful emulsifying stain fighting products help even the toughest dirt, grease, ink, rust and other stains exit your carpet’s fibers. We also have great products that help eliminate or improve red wine and juice stains.