Your family’s pets are cute, adorable, cuddly and our best friends.  But even man’s best friend can become your carpet’s worst nightmare. Pet Stain and Odor Control is a science in itself (remember, no pet is the same).  With our variety of antimicrobial disinfectants, enzyme removers and high concentrated deodorizers, we are certain to achieve that ‘New Carpet Smell’ that you remember.

What can you do before we get there?

Remember, most stains are always easy to get up at the beginning. If you’re accustomed to having Fido run free through the house while at work, we recommend doing periodic walk through checking your carpet’s integrity.  Fresh urine (less than an hour old) can almost always be cleaned with ease. By applying pressure on the stain with a damp terry cloth towel, most urine is absorbed allowing for less discoloration and less odor problems. We also recommend using a high-quality pet stain & odor control cleaner found at your local supermarket.

The older the urine stains or the longer you wait, the harder it is to remove.  With age, urine will attach itself into the deepest of fibers, creating a mess of a job to clean yourself. However, if this does occur, you can take household vinegar and lightly mist it onto the stain (you should always check for colorfastness in areas such as closets before spraying any product). Vigorously work in the vinegar into the affected area followed by blotting with a damp cotton terry cloth towel. Make sure to apply lots of pressure, so to drain out as much urine as possible.