When should you schedule a carpet cleaning for your Grand Prairie home?

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Your fur-ever friend is waiting for you at the Grand Prairie Paws Adoption Center!

They’ve been waiting for this all year long. The kiddos have been begging for a pet, but you’ve been putting it off, saying they can have a pet when they’re out of school.

You’re a responsible and caring person and that’s why you didn’t want to get a pet until you had the time to invest in training her. But now that Grand Prairie schools are out for the summer, it’s time to make good on that promise.

Well, your patience has paid off. The city of Grand Prairie is having their Pet Adoptathon right now.  Get this: for the entire month of June, the adoption fees are $35 for dogs and $5 for kittens! Want an even sweeter deal? Cats 1-year-old and older are FREE! You can’t beat that now, can you?

Something’s holding you back, though. Are you worried about the carpet? Concerned about cleaning the messes the new pet is sure to make on your carpet?  First, you won’t be going the training route alone. The Grand Prairie animal services have numerous tips on how to train and care for your pet.

Want to avoid night time accidents? Crate training  is highly recommended by most vets and trainers. Crate training means you won’t have to start your day off by cleaning the carpet.

But, what if there is an accident or two on your carpet? You can help the cleaning process by using a terry cloth towel/rag to absorb the excess liquid. Removing any solid organic waste is important, as well. One of the key steps in cleaning your carpet is getting to it as soon as possible.

Fast forward a few weeks. So, what happens if your pet is continuing to return to the same spot on your carpet? You’ve tried several DIY cleaning methods, but she’s still having accidents there? It might be a good time to give Dr. Clean Carpet a call. We have an industrial strength enzymatic spray we pre-treat your carpet with to break down the bacteria in those troubled spots. While this spray is powerful, it is still gentle to your pets and children. Once we’re through cleaning your carpet, you’ll be impressed with how great it looks and smells!

As you can see, there’s no need to worry anymore about getting a pet. With Dr. Clean Carpet on your side, you can confidently adopt! Don’t delay…your furry family member is waiting for you at the Grand Prairie Paws Adoption Center.