What does carpet cleaning have to do with decorating your Grand Prairie home for the holidays?

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Leave the carpet cleaning to us and enjoy the Grand Prairie lights!

Leave the carpet cleaning to us and enjoy the Grand Prairie lights!

The calendar just turned the page to December. If you’re like us, you’re probably excited about getting the house decorated for the holidays.

Before you start putting up the lights and tree, you’re going to want to give your carpet a thorough cleaning. Why the emphasis on cleaning your carpet before you start to turn your house into a scenic Christmas card?

Remember when all the family was at your house for Thanksgiving? This year, they all decided they would come to Grand Prairie. Aunt Susie got a bit too excited with her baking and pumpkin filling found itself on the carpet as well as in the pie pan. Joining a comfy space on the carpet was some of that delicious gravy your grandmother made. And that red stain on the carpet in front of the television? Yep, that’s the punch you told the children not to take into the living-room.

We know how it goes. You told yourself you’d get around to cleaning. But, with the feast to enjoy and football games to watch, those carpet stains are still waiting.

There’s no need to stress over it. This is when you pick up the phone and call Dr. Clean – your premiere carpet cleaning company. We’ll take care of cleaning your carpet, freeing you up to enjoy the joys of the season.

So, go ahead and get out those Christmas decorations. Pull out the tree and lights. Have fun decorating your home!

And speaking of lights, Grand Prairie Lights has one of the best displays of Christmas lights. We highly recommend you make a trip out to Grand Prairie to take in the delightful sights.