What August winds blow in to Dallas

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Specialist repairs water damage in Dallas home

We specialize in repairing and restoring water damage caused by Dallas storms.

August in Dallas means triple digit temps. Throw in the random cool front and conditions are ripe for a Texas sized storm. And what follows? Flash flooding. There’s not much of a warning — and the damage can be severe!

If, after the storm, your floor looks like a giant wading pool, you need Dallas’ water damage restoration specialist: Dr. Clean Carpet.

In a challenging time like this, it’s crucial to have someone you can trust. The water damage specialists at Dr. Clean Carpet are available, 24/7, to rush to your aid.  While they’re in route to your location, please do not attempt to remove the water with any electrical appliances. This could pose a hazard to your safety. Please remain calm. Help is on the way!

Upon arrival, the Dr. Clean Carpet crew will document, record and photograph the damages. (This is vital for the submission of your insurance claims and reimbursement. Our support staff knows how to work with insurance agencies and adjusters. We will gladly walk you through every step of your claim, so that you get your full reimbursement.)

We can appreciate the traumatic nature of your loss. And that’s why, before any work begins, one of our highly trained professionals will thoroughly explain the restoration process. With our I.I.C.R.C. certified team leader overseeing your water damage case, the Dr. Clean crew will extract the excess water and then quickly, efficiently work to restore your carpet or flooring.

With Dr. Clean, you can rest easy — knowing it won’t be long before your carpet receives a clean bill of health!