Warning! Flash flood conditions can cause water damage in Coppell!

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Did flash flooding cause water damage to your Coppell home?

Did flash flooding cause water damage to your Coppell home?

Malls in Coppell and across the Metroplex have been packed with Christmas shoppers this Thanksgiving weekend! Even with the dropping temperatures and all the rain, people have dared to venture out.

Amidst the fun, there have been challenges with this changing weather! Coppell, along with the rest of the Metroplex, has been under a flash flood warning for the entire holiday weekend! That has resulted in flooding conditions.

When that happens to a home, there is most certainly going to be water damage. If your home in Coppell has suffered from water damage due to the flooding conditions, we want you to rest assured, we are here for you!

Our friendly staff at Dr. Clean Carpet will work with your insurance adjuster. We want to make sure that you get all the reimbursement that is due to you. That’s why we will help you with your water damage claim.

In your time of crisis, know that we are available 24/7!

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment for Dr. Clean Carpet to come to your Coppell home, what can you expect?

Our I.I.C.R.C. certified team leader will oversee all the work. He knows that untreated water damage can lead to dangerous mold, fungi and other bacteria microbes. He will make sure that you’re home is free of any water damage.

Are you concerned about dealing with your insurance company? Let us set your mind at ease.

Our team leader will fully document the water damage in your Coppell home as well as all of the repair work performed. The water damage and all repair work will be photographed and recorded for the submission of your insurance claim and reimbursement.

We know the flooding of your home has been a traumatic experience! Our water damage restoration team will explain to you each and every phase of restoration before they begin.

While you wait for our team to arrive, PLEASE DO NOT attempt to vacuum the water up with any appliances that require an electrical source. This is potentially hazardous. We don’t want you to have any chance of getting hurt. Instead, please be patient and wait for our team to arrive.

Feeling like you need to do something? You can help your carpet, as well as your beautiful furniture and prized possessions, by removing them from all areas affected by water damage.

As much as you can, try and relax. Dr. Clean is coming to the rescue!