Upholstery Cleaning: a way to renew the past

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Upholstery cleaning...the perfect gift for Mom!

Okay.  So, here we are…almost 2 weeks after Mother’s Day. Are you still “in the dog house” because you forgot to get Mom a gift? If you are, you’ve come to the right place to help you get out of that dog house!

We have some great suggestions which should help put you back into your mom’s good graces.

First, start off by doing something for Mom she wouldn’t think of doing for herself. You know that antique piece of furniture that used to be her mother’s? It’s certainly seen better days. Stains and their matching odors aren’t very inviting. But then, that’s how we can help. We specialize in upholstery cleaning.

We will treat this special heirloom with great care. We’ll begin by pre-conditioning the upholstery. This will prepare the material for cleaning, penetrating deep into the upholstery and emulsifying those old stains. Although our cleaning solutions and equipment are powerful, our system is gentle – even to the most delicate of fabrics.

Our method of upholstery cleaning will remove allergens, dust mites and other unwanted deposits. Once cleaned, this family keepsake will look and smell renewed…a true gift for your mom.

Just in case you want some additional ideas to further express your love and gratitude to your mom, click here for some great ideas.

After you pamper your mom with all this belated, special treatment, we suggest you top it off with what she wants most: uninterrupted, one-on-one time with you. Why not take her to a local tea shop? We recommend KupaTea in Mansfield.

You and your mom will have a memorable day…one she will cherish for years to come.