Time to get the carpet cleaned… Santa’s coming to Plano!

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Eat your pancakes with Santa

Have a jolly breakfast with Santa!

It’s December…time to put up the decorations and trim the tree. But, before you turn your Plano home into a winter wonderland, you might want to think about the carpet.

Do you notice any spills from the Thanksgiving feast? Is that some of the sweet potato casserole on the carpet? And of course, we all know that cranberry sauce makes a nasty stain. No need to worry. Dr. Clean specializes in the removal of stains. In fact, your carpet will look cleaner than you’ve seen it – for quite awhile.

Trying to decide when to call Dr. Clean? Now is a good time to think about having your carpet cleaned. Not only is it smart to get rid of those stains from the Thanksgiving weekend, but you’ll also beat the holiday rush. After Dr. Clean does his magic, the carpet in your Plano office and home will be ready for all your Christmas parties.

Thinking about renting one of those carpet cleaners from the store? Why bother? Besides, who has the time – especially during the holiday season? Reduce your stress and trust your carpet to a professional. You can count on Dr. Clean to get your carpet cleaner than those rental machines…plus you’ll save your back and energy.

And with the time you save by having Dr. Clean take care of your carpet, you’ll be able to join in the festivities on December 8th at Plano’s 40th Annual Children’s Christmas Parade & Pancake Breakfast with Santa. The parade will launch from Vines High School. To top it off, you can enjoy an all you can eat pancake breakfast with Santa! (It’s only $5.00 for adults and $4.00 for children 12 and under.) For more information, visit the city of Plano’s website:  www.planotxchristmasparade.com

So, forget renting that carpet cleaner. Call Dr. Clean instead and you’ll have your carpets ready for those fabulous Christmas parties.