Spring cleaning – don’t forget the tile and grout!

Tile and grout Spring cleaning

Earth Day reminds us to take care of our planet!

We just celebrated Earth Day on the 22nd. Every year, this special day reminds us to focus on taking better take care of our planet.

Perhaps you’re thinking about how you can do your part. What about your spring cleaning? You might consider creating your own “green” cleaners.  Liza Barnes, Health Educator with Sparkpeople.com provides some “recipes” that promise to clean your home in a “green” way. Check out her article to learn more.

And while you’re tackling your spring cleaning, we suggest you give Dr. Clean Carpet a call to take care of cleaning your tile and grout.

We often think about cleaning our carpets. While that’s really important, we can’t forget about the tiled floors!

Of course, we must pay special attention to the grout. Those are the porous surfaces that tend to trap not only the dirt and stains but also disease producing bacteria.

Hadn’t given that much thought? That’s understandable. After all, you’re probably very good about mopping your floors. And that’s great. But, without professional equipment and cleaning solutions, you’re just simply not going to be able to get a professional level of cleaning.

We use commercial grade solutions which break-up all the grit and grime. We follow that with a steaming hot water rinse and a powerful vacuum. This cleans the surfaces and restores that brand new shine.

That’s why we recommend you rely on Dr. Clean Carpet to take care of your tile and grout.

Contact us today. We’ll have your tile and grout looking new!