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Can you feel it? The crisp air, the warm breezes…and the itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and that postnasal drip in your throat? We know that most people have been cooped up in their homes all of March and April, due to stay at home orders resulting from COVID-19. However, as better weather hits us and as Texas reopens, more families will be riding bikes and taking walks. While we’re all for witnessing the glorious colors and flowers of spring, we can’t deny the fact that spring allergies can make some folks miserable.

These allergens – pollen, dirt, dust, grasses – are brought inside your home from the shoes you’re wearing. Carpets form the base of our homes and are in constant use, and absorb these allergens very quickly. Even with regular vacuuming, these allergens build up and get trapped into the fibers of the carpet. Just walking around in your house can trigger an allergy attack.

Because the health of your carpet can impact the health of your body and your home, it’s important to take carpet cleaning seriously, and not just as another random chore. The type of carpet in the home will impact the results of cleaning. For example, in a study of cat allergen in carpets, the carpets that were easiest to clean were short, low-pile carpets made of high density, low surface area fibers, and coated in fluorocarbon.

At Dr. Clean, we use a safe, gentle yet powerful approach. First, we apply an all-natural, hypoallergenic pre-spray that emulsifies the dirt and soils. This is followed by an exclusive 220-degree hot water extraction technique, which leaves no soapy residue behind. Our professionals are trained to use high powered vacuums with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters – and with cleaners that kill bacteria, suctioning the grime out from the deepest levels. Also, to make sure you are kept safe, masks are used upon request of the customer and any equipment brought into customers home is disinfected after each use.

Traditional springtime cleaning is important; cleaning your carpets and windows, washing and waxing hardwood floors, and brightening your interior spaces. However, as we bring in the fresh spring air, know that cleaning your carpet becomes even more important. Call us for any of your spring-cleaning carpet needs in Ellis County!