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With a challenged economy, most everyone is looking to find a way to save a buck every chance they can. It’s come to our attention that there are folks trying to clean the grout in their kitchens and bathrooms with homemade grout cleaners.
At Dr. Clean Carpet, we can appreciate being frugal. But, we want to remind you – when you choose a do-it-yourself project, while you might save a little money, you most certainly will not be saving time. And are you really saving money? Let’s do the math. Add up the time it takes to research and decide on the best homemade grout cleaner. Now factor in the time it will take to go to the store to purchase the materials so that you can make the homemade grout cleaner. With the preliminary work done, it’s time to begin the real work.

After mixing the homemade grout cleaner, you’ll have to bring 4 additional things to the task: an old toothbrush, knee-pads, plenty of elbow grease, and 2 or 3 hours of manual labor.

In order to finish our financial comparison, take the hourly wage you earn at your job and multiply that figure by the number of hours you’ve researched, shopped and cleaned. Now you can compare apples to apples. Have you really saved money by doing it yourself?

Oh, and did we mention the hassle factor? In doing some research, we found a simple recipe for a homemade grout cleaner. Just two ingredients: baking soda and bleach. There’s a couple of problems with this concoction, though. First, it’s bleach. That means you’ll have to have proper ventilation. The fumes generated from a homemade grout cleaner containing bleach can cause all types of breathing problems for people who suffer from respiratory conditions. Additionally, bleach is rough on the skin and brutal on clothing. So thick latex gloves and old clothes and cleaning rags are a must for this kind of do it yourself project. (One last warning: be careful which load of laundry you throw that bleach drenched rag into…or else you’re going to have a load of freshly created “tie-dyed” clothes.)

If just thinking about all the challenges from this do it yourself project tires you out, then ditch that idea. Save your time and knees! Pick up the phone and call Dr. Clean Carpet. We’ll get your grout cleaner than you’ve seen it in ages!