Pet stain removal: a concern in many Arlington homes

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kitten and puppy

FiFi and Fido ... each pet is adorable!

A pet dog…or a pet cat…can be a true blessing. Just ask any of the pet parents in Arlington. But, sometimes Fido and Fifi get too excited…and then accidents happen.

The sight and smell from the stain create a source of embarrassment for many pet parents. Most are able to spot clean the majority of the mess. But, it’s the remaining bacteria which is the concern. Arlington residents want a complete removal of the stain…including the unseen bacteria.

There are a host of commercial products that promise the removal of the stain. You can find these at most big box stores as well as pet stores in Arlington. But there are problems that come with those store bought solutions. Harsh chemicals can pose a health hazard to children and pets. And they can damage the fibers in the carpet.

On the other hand, there are a multitude of blogs that tout the benefits of homemade solutions. They boast that these solutions can provide complete removal of the stain. While it may be advantageous to some Arlington pet parents, we find there are too many questions that surround this option. Before you attempt to use this pet stain removal option, here are a few questions you might want to ask:

  • are the ingredients safe to mix?
  • are they safe to use around children and pets?
  • will the homemade solution damage the fibers in your carpet?
  • how will  you know if the solution did a thorough removal of the stain?
  • and what about the removal of the solution? How will you eliminate the residual moisture from your carpet?

Additionally, whether you use commercial products or homemade solutions, we recommend you weigh the hidden costs. Consider these:

  • the purchase of the ingredients.
  • the strain on your back and knees.
  • the loss of your time.
  • the drain on your energy.

We suggest that you forget the hassles of these “diy” methods. Instead, save yourself the headaches. Trust Dr. Clean with the removal of all the pet stains in your Arlington home! You’ll receive an added bonus: an open schedule to spend more quality time with Fido and FiFi.

Want some helpful pet parenting tips? The Arlington Animal Services Center provides pet parents with a variety of programs and services, “encouraging responsible pet ownership”.