Pet parents in Arlington look for solutions to pet stains

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What stain? I don't know what you're talking about!

Pet. The word only describes a fraction of how we feel about our furry children. Your dog is so much more than a pet. He’s a part of the family!

But, one thing we don’t like is when we discover stains made by our precious pet.

Does your pet go outside to eat some grass…only to come inside and throw up his “salad” all over your carpet? Those make for some nasty stains, don’t they?

And we’ve all had the embarrassing moments when our dog has tried to use the carpet as his toilet paper. These stains are distinctive and smelly.

Have you attempted to clean them? You’ve probably already discovered that stains don’t always respond well to DIY methods. Why bother with the hassle? Instead, we suggest you give Dr. Clean Carpet a call and get the help of the experts.

When our technicians arrive, they will pre-treat the carpet with an enzymatic spray. This helps to break down the organic material, making it easier to clean and neutralizing those odors. Next, they’ll use our heavy duty equipment with the strength of 200+ degree hot water and commercial grade cleaning solutions to remove all of the stains.

Getting help from the professionals rids you of the stains and the stress. That leaves more time for you to take your pet to any number of the beautiful parks in Arlington.

Just this past week, numerous families did just that. They took their pet to Bark in the Park in Arlington. It is the Texas Ranger’s tribute to our four legged family members. Did you miss it?  No worries. While you’re looking ahead to next year’s outing, you can enjoy other outdoor activities in Arlington with your pet.