Oh no! Another pet stain from FiFi?

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Fi Fi went pee pee on the carpet

Don't get mad at your sweet puppy. Call Dr. Clean Carpet instead.

You just adopted a pet from the Dallas shelter? Congratulations! No doubt you stopped by the pet store to get your furry baby a basket load of toys and treats. You could hardly wait to bring FiFi to your home in Dallas.

Every pet parent loves their FiFi and Fido. But, none of us like it when our pets leave a stain in the carpet of our Dallas homes.  Those pet stains are ugly and the odor unpleasant. Isn’t it the way it always goes? You’re still house-training her. And just days before company is coming over…FiFi leaves another stain. It’s frustrating and embarrassing.

Your friends at Dr. Clean understand. No need to worry. You won’t have to postpone having guests over to your Dallas home. The good news: we specialize in pet stain removal. Our trained professionals are experts in removing pet stains from your carpet. Each stain is pre-treated with enzymes that will break down the odor producing bacteria. This helps to remove the scent. That means FiFi and Fido are less likely to return to those spots.

While we can’t guarantee that FiFi and Fido won’t leave any more stains, we can guarantee this: as Dallas’ pet stain removal specialists, Dr. Clean Carpet will be there to quickly remove those pesky, pet stains.