Moving past the flooding storms, Richardson looks for quality carpet restoration

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Did the storms bring floods to your Richardson home or office? Try not to worry. We specialize in carpet restoration!

Did the storms bring floods to your Richardson home or office? Try not to worry. We specialize in carpet restoration!

Texas weather has been erratic … flat out crazy in Richardson and the DFW area for the past week or so! Unusually warm temperatures. High winds. Flash flooding. Hail. Tornadoes. Plummeting temps. Sleet.

From Richardson to Arlington and throughout the Metroplex, the storms have left their mark! Did your home or business receive damage from the storm? Was your carpet flooded? We sympathize with you. Storms can leave disastrous results! As much as possible, we would like to relieve you of the stress regarding the restoration of your carpet.

Dr. Clean Carpet has a team of highly trained specialists who know just how to handle your crisis. Carpet restoration is our expertise!

While you’re waiting for us to arrive at your Richardson home or business, we want you to to be safe.  We ask  that you take the following steps of precaution:

  • DON’T X use any electrical equipment to vacuum the water up with any appliances. It could be hazardous!
  • DO ✔ pick up all your belongings the flooded area.
  • DO ✔ move all antiques and other valuable from the area that was flooded. This will help to reduce both the potential of the furniture staining  the carpet,  as well as  the swelling of the wood.
  • DO ✔ check under beds and inside closets for any possible hidden water. If you discover any flooded areas, follow the two recommendations above.

We know that you’re already stressed out over the storm and the damage it’s left, especially right after Christmas! Most likely, you’re going to want to file an insurance claim for the restoration of your carpet. We have a team who knows how to help you take care of that.

We will completely document, photograph and record the damages as well as the restoration process for the submission of your insurance claim. Dr Clean Carpet has experience with most insurance companies and will provide detailed information regarding your loss.

We realize this has been a traumatic experience for you. Our team of highly trained professionals will fully explain each and every step before they begin the carpet restoration process.

As much as you can, try and relax. Just a quick call and Dr. Clean Carpet will be scheduled to come to your Richardson business or home.