McKinney homeowners, are you frustrated because you have pet stains in your carpet?

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Did Fido leave pet stains in your carpet?

Did Fido leave pet stains in your carpet?

You work hard to keep your McKinney home beautiful. Entertaining is important to you. You want the house ready to welcome guests at any time. Part of that readiness requires the carpet look clean and fresh. Pet stains would be a total entertaining disaster in your beautiful home in McKinney!

But let’s face it. If you’re going to have a pet (or two or three or four), there will eventually be stains in your carpet. Sure, you’ve got Fido trained to go outside when he needs to go potty. And Felix is litter box trained. As precious as each pet is to you, sometimes accidents happen.

We understand you took a lot of time choosing just the perfect carpet to go in your home. You’ve raked and vacuumed the carpet. Friends and family are coming to your McKinney home for the holiday.You want everything to look just right for your guests this Thanksgiving.

With all the excitement of and preparations for the upcoming holiday, someone forgot to take Fido outside. And now, there are pet stains in the carpet. Before you stress out, give Dr. Clean Carpet a call. We specialize in just these types of emergencies! Our highly trained technicians will be over quickly to help get rid of those unsightly pet stains in your carpet.

So, relax and finish your final preparations for the holiday. Your McKinney home will, no doubt, be the perfect picture for this Thanksgiving celebration!