Look what the cat dragged in…another set of stains and that nasty odor, too!

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How can something this cute create such awful stains and odor in your carpet?

There’s nothing quite like it. The odor from cat urine is so pungent and pervasive that it practically slaps a person in the face. While the stains are unsightly, it is that distinctive cat odor that gets folks dialing our number.

So, just what are some of the reasons that a cat might choose to use your carpet as his new litter box?

A urinary tract infection could be the root cause. Before going through a lot of behavioral modifications with your cat, you might want to rule out any medical problems. Check with your vet to make sure your cat isn’t experiencing any health problems.

If you’ve checked with the vet and your cat comes out with a clean bill of health, the problem could be a territorial issue. When a cat feels threatened, he may start to spray, marking his territory. While a spray usually carries less urine, it spreads to a greater area. Thus the stains and odor cover a larger section of the carpet. One way to lessen the stress for your cat is to create a safe environment…a place where he doesn’t feel threatened…or the need to defend himself and his territory.

Another suggestion which might help is to get additional litter boxes. Here’s the rule of thumb. For every cat in the house, have 1 litter box…+ 1 more. Not only should it reduce the number of inappropriate urinating (and thereby reducing the number of stains), it also will have a dramatic improvement in reducing or eliminating the odor!

The litter, the litter box and the location of the litter box can play a part in this, as well. If your cat is getting older, he may need a lower entrance to the box. And, avoid constantly changing brands of kitty litter.

Your cat, like you, doesn’t care for the odor. If you’re not daily cleaning and regularly changing out the litter, your cat is likely to find another location to take care of his business. This means more stains for you to clean up…as well as having to tolerate that offensive odor.

Your vet or animal behaviorist will be able to help you with your cat and his behavior.

But what about those stains and that awful odor? A simple call to Dr. Clean Carpet will make all the world of difference. Don’t delay. We’re here to help!