A great tip for your income tax refund

Income tax refund

Want to put your tax refund to good use?

April 15th has passed. If you’re like most of us, you’ve received your tax refund check by now. According to Governing.com, the average refund for people in Texas was $3,112.33.

Maybe you’ve been thinking of how you want to spend some of your refund money. What about that project you’ve been putting off for months? You know, those stained, kitchen counter tiles. They need replacing. Or do they? You might reconsider. We’d like to offer you a money saving option. Choose to hire a professional to clean your tiles rather than replace them.

Dr. Clean Carpet has a team of qualified technicians specifically trained in cleaning the grout and tile in your home.

We will restore the shine and sparkle to your kitchen.

Using commercially prepared solutions, dirt and debris are broken up and released. That is followed up by a hot water rinse and removed with a powerful vacuum.

Stains will be lifted and bacteria eradicated. Not only will your kitchen look great, but you’ll feel wonderful knowing that it’s a cleaner, safer place for you and your family to share meal time.

Make your tax refund an even better investment by having us seal the grout. When we apply the grout sealant, it protects your grout, making it easier to keep clean.

No need to put it off any longer. Contact Dr. Clean Carpet today!