How to decide which carpet cleaner is right for your Arlington home or office

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Worn out by your DIY carpet cleaning

DIY options for cleaning your carpet have hidden costs!

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Dr. Clean has heard it all…or at least, it seems that way. Home owners and business professionals in Arlington have reported a myriad of different ways to get a cleaner carpet.

Today, we’d like to discuss some of the pros and cons of these different methods.

Let’s start by talking categories. When making the decision to clean the carpet in your Arlington home or office, there are two major options: “diy” (do it yourself) or hire a professional.

The major benefit of most (but not all) of the “diy” options is less out of pocket expenses. But, each one of these has one huge cost: your time.

Before you get started, you might want to take a closer look at these “diy” carpet cleaning options.

By hand
requires the least amount of out of pocket expenses.
allows you to address stains immediately.
can offer immediate gratification.
provides a good physical workout in the safety of your Arlington home or office.

there is a bucket load of hidden expenses, such as…
time – depending on the size of the stain, it could be a large amount of your time invested.
energy – this method can be physically demanding, even for those with a fair amount of stamina.
knees and back – the strain on the knees and back can be too much, especially for individuals with
joint or other health issues.
knowledge – the “diy-er” must invest time into researching what products, water temperatures
and cleaning motions (force/pressure) are best suited to clean the particular stain.
supplies – cleaning solutions (whether “professional” or homemade) must be acquired, along with
an ample supply of towels.

Handheld, non-commercial carpet cleaner
the size of the unit makes it easy to transport from one area to the next.
this can be a time saver, as a small area can be cleaned, quickly.
by getting to stains immediately, it can help protect the carpet from permanent damage.
the compact size enables easier access to cleaning carpet on the stairs.
this option also offers a sense of self satisfaction.

the “diy-er” must research which unit provides the best service for the most affordable price.
the handheld cleaner, and its brand-associated solutions, must be purchased.
while not as taxing on the knees, the constant bending motion can put quite a strain on the back.
when the basin fills of “soapy – soiled water”, it must be emptied, rinsed and reattached.
the device must be cleaned before being stored away.

Full sized, non-commercial carpet cleaner
the size of this machine opens the opportunity to clean an entire room (or even a house) of carpet.
the weight of the unit, combined with the size of the task, can offer a rigorous workout.
always available, this type of carpet cleaner can offer initial water removal for major water spills.

the consumer must research to find which unit will provide the services best matched to the needs
of the house or office.
a full-sized, home-use carpet cleaner can come with a pretty hefty price tag.
the weight of the machine can put a real strain on your body as you lug it up the stairs.
as the waste bin fills with soapy –soiled water, it has to be emptied, rinsed and reattached before
the task can proceed.
after each use, the machine must be cleaned before being stored away.
the owner of the carpet cleaner is responsible for purchasing cleaning solutions as well as paying
for any and all repairs.
the machine doesn’t have enough suction power to remove all of the water and soap. That can
create an environment ripe for mold to grow.

Full sized, “professional” rental carpet cleaner
the individual can have access to a full-sized unit, without having to purchase the machine.
there is no responsibility to maintain or repair the carpet cleaner.*

there is no guarantee that the machine is regularly serviced, so it could “break down” while
in the care of the individual renting it.
there simply aren’t enough rental units for the number of people in Arlington. That means the
carpet cleaner may not be available when it’s needed.
the person renting the machine has no way of knowing what kind of contaminants are being
transferred from the previous renter’s location to her home or office. (This could pose a serious
health hazard, especially for those with a compromised immune system.)
*if the unit breaks down while the renter is using it, he will have to provide solid documentation
proving that it wasn’t his fault. If he cannot, there’s a strong likelihood that the company will hold
him liable for the repairs…or even replacement of the unit.
the rental fee can be pricey. Often, the unit is rented by the hour. The time allotted may not be a
sufficient amount. Additional time is often viewed as an overage, which can drastically increase
the cost of the rental.
the cleaning solutions must also be purchased.  It is important for the consumer to make sure the
cleaning solution is an approved brand choice.
the machine lacks the sufficient power to properly remove the water and soap…which can create
a potential breeding ground for mold in the carpet.

Commercial grade carpet cleaner operated by a trained professional
one easy call to Dr. Clean Carpet at (972)641-9400 and you’re done!
protects your body from the stress and strains of this strenuous cleaning.
no research (of machinery, solutions or stains) is necessary.
no costly purchases of machines or cleaning solutions.
frees your time, so you can take care of the things that are most important to you…your
family and your career.

a semi-annual fee for a quality carpet cleaning by a professional team of highly trained technicians.

Well, there you have it. I hope this overview provides you with the information you need to make a wise decision.

There is one final problem we must address, however.  What to do with the extra time that Dr. Clean has provided by professionally cleaning the carpet in your home or office? There are a host of exciting attractions and special events in Arlington. ( With the building excitement from this year’s draft, if you haven’t already, we recommend you take a tour of the “palace” in Arlington…better known as the Cowboys Stadium. ( Go, Cowboys!