How to avoid pet stains and odor in your Keller home

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Keep her box clean and you won't have to deal with pet stains and odor!

Keep her box clean and you won’t have to deal with pet stains and odor!

The weekend’s here and you’ve decided it’s time…time to head out to the Regional Animal Adoption Center in Keller to find your fur-ever best friend.

You found her…that beautiful cat…the one pet destined to be your “purr-fect” companion and muse.

Before you bring her home, you’ll want to ask the adoption center staff what kind of food they fed your pet, as well as what kind of litter they used in her box. Why? It’s important to keep the stress level down for her as much as possible.

As humane as the Keller adoption center is to every pet, the facts are simple: time in an animal shelter can be very unsettling to a cat.

One of the great things about your pet is how she detests the odor as much as you do. Keeping a clean litter box will do wonders in preventing accidents that can lead to those ugly stains and repulsive odor.

Let’s talk about litter box protocol for just a bit. After all, you want to do all you can to keep her from “thinking outside the box”! You want to avoid those unsightly pet stains and pungent odor in your Keller home.                                

  1. Keep it clean. What’s clean? Think about your toilet? Would you want to go to your bathroom if you didn’t flush it but once every couple of days? A general rule of thumb: scoop it in the morning and when you get home from work. If you don’t keep it clean, your cat will look for a clean spot on your carpet – leaving you with unpleasant stains and that unmistakable odor!
  2. Select a prime location: keep it easily accessible to your pet…and away from her food. (Would you want to eat your dinner in the restroom?)
  3. Minimize the odor in your Keller home. You can do this by pouring a thin layer of baking soda on the bottom of the litter box. (Your nose and pet will thank you.)
  4. Change the litter when the odor dictates. You’ll know when it’s time. As you’re scooping the litter, you’ll notice it’s thinning out. Or, even after scooping, the odor remains….that’s a clear sign it’s time for a clean litter box.

What happens if there is an accident? We recommend getting to the stains as quickly as possible. If you need additional help, you know that Dr. Clean Carpet is just a phone call away.

With this added assurance and these litter box tips in place, we’re confident you’re going to enjoy a long and happy relationship with your new pet!