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Summer heat can be brutal in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (DFW). But it doesn’t stop your kids from trekking in with muddy feet after playing in the backyard or in the pool, from dirty shoes being piled up in the foyer, or from increased foot traffic due to family gatherings and socially-distanced cookouts. Who wants to spend extra time cleaning up carpets when they could be getting extra sunshine instead?

You can put down mats, rugs, or runners to reduce dirt and wear on high traffic areas, but somehow that dirt and grime still makes it to your carpets. While regular vacuuming removes some measure of filth and allergens from your rugs and prevents excessive wear on the carpet fibers, it’s just not the same as hiring the professionals to come clean.

At Dr Clean we won’t damage your carpet fibers with harsh chemical detergents and hot temperatures. With our commercial grade cleaning solutions, truck mounted equipment and EPA recommended hot water extraction method, we’ll have your carpet looking and smelling like new.

Plus, we take care to preserve its beauty and enhance its quality, and offer a 3M Scotchguard Protectant that acts as a shield.  Scotchguard assists to thoroughly protect carpet fibers from moisture, by repelling away moisture and by giving you a window of time to clean up. Also, the protectant can help from wear and tear caused by abrasion from dirt, giving your carpet a longer life cycle.

Rest assured your safety is our number one priority. Masks are used upon request of the customer and any equipment brought into customers home is disinfected after each use.

So, enjoy your family barbecues out in the back porch, and let your pets enjoy them too! But when they track dirt, mud, and other debris across your carpets, or when the littles’ run wild with chlorine-covered wet feet inside, remember that routine summer carpet cleaning services is a really good idea.

We know you have better things to do than sweat over cleaning your carpet. So, go ahead, citizens of Ellis County, party your heart out this summer, and rest assured we’ve got your back. Call us for any of your summer carpet cleaning needs!