Here Come The Holidays

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The countdown is on! Two weeks left till Thanksgiving and six weeks till Christmas. Have you hit the panic button yet? All of a sudden you realize that your guests are coming….soon. Grocery has to be done, bedding must be washed, and meals have to be planned out.

But first up on the to-do list is ensuring your carpet is conducive to guests with allergies, especially if they’re babies and small children. It’s our little ones who are often the most vulnerable to respiratory issues, yet love to crawl and roll on the soft mesh of synthetic fibers that we call our carpet.

Carpets form the base of our homes and are in constant use. Kiddos sit on them while mesmerized by the TV. Adults are occasionally known to lay down and take a power nap on them. Hopefully, our shoes are off when we’re standing or walking on our carpets, but with a house full of family members and guests, that can’t be guaranteed. These shoes are guilty of trekking in germs and all sorts of other things we’d rather not mention.

And if you have pets, well, that’s another story altogether.

Because your carpet can impact your body and your home, it’s important to take carpet cleaning seriously, and not just as another random chore. A dirty carpet can trap both indoor and outdoor air pollutants; smoke, pet dander, dust mites, even cockroach allergens, all of which are deceivingly invisible to the naked eye. These irritants can easily burrow into your carpet, creating a new, plush home for themselves.

Unfortunately, cleaning DIY-style with rented carpet machines and a high-grade cleaner from your local Walmart just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Carpet cleaning is best left to the professionals, who are trained to use high powered vacuums with steam cleaners that kill bacteria, suctioning the grime out from the deepest levels.

At Dr. Clean, we service all of Ellis County, and use a safe, gentle yet powerful approach. First, we apply an all-natural, hypoallergenic pre-spray that emulsifies the dirt and soils. This is followed by an exclusive 220-degree hot water extraction steam technique, which leaves no soapy residue behind. This methodology brings you peace, knowing you’ve prepped your home in Waxahachie, Texas in the best way possible for the guests who will soon be sharing your Thanksgiving dinner, and opening Christmas presents before you know it.