Heavy rains bring the threat of water damage to Dallas!

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Saturday, Dallas and surrounding areas received soaking rains.

It’s finally Fall in Texas! Every Dallas resident is eager to welcome the cooler temps of Autumn. But with the debut of Fall, we’ve entered storm season once again. And Saturday, we had a great reminder of what that can bring. All over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, the skies dumped a deluge of heavy rain.

With the torrential downpour, there was the constant threat of flash flooding. For those of us who live in Dallas, we’re all too acquainted with the water damage that can occur from these flooded conditions.

If water floods in, the carpet in our Dallas homes and offices acts like a giant sponge, absorbing incredible amounts of water. It’s crucial to address the water damage, immediately. When water is trapped in the carpet, it can prevent the sub-flooring from drying properly.

Additionally, carpet that’s been soaked with water contains high amounts of bacteria, which presents a health hazard.

Water damage poses another health risk: mold. Within 24-48 hours, mold can begin to grow in the water saturated carpets.

Some frugal minded people think they can save money by using a home or rental shop vac. But, we need to pass on this warning: it’s almost impossible to remove all of the water with these do-it-yourself methods. That’s why we recommend our Dallas friends call Dr. Clean Carpet. Our team of water damage restoration specialists are ready to respond to your flooding emergency, 24/7.