Has the Christmas shopping rush left your Coppell business in need of a commercial carpet cleaning?

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Christmas. Coppell. Commercial carpet cleaning. Call us. You will "C" the difference!

Christmas. Coppell. Commercial carpet cleaning. Call us. You will “C” the difference!

Christmas is your big boom for business in Coppell. It’s great for commercial growth. But, it can wreck havoc on your carpet.

You’re past busy, we get that. But, as a fellow business owner, we know you really can’t afford for the carpet in your Coppell store to be stained and dirty.  In fact, you’re taking a look at your flooring right now, aren’t you? Grime. Grease. Dirt. Doesn’t make for a professional impression. It’s obvious your carpet needs a cleaning.

Don’t worry. There’s no need to stress over it. Dr. Clean Carpet specializes in commercial carpet cleaning. We use powerful emulsifiers to break up stains, grease and gum.

But, sometimes there are those pesky stains that resist our 1, 2, 3 punch of pre-cleaning spray, extremely hot water temperatures and powerful suction. We have our own, special “vaccines” for cleaning such challenges. These powerful, emulsifying, stain fighting “vaccines” pummel even the most resistant dirt, grease, ink, and rust stains that get trapped in the fibers of your carpet.

Are you concerned about cleaning those red wine and juice stains? No need to be. We have commercial grade products to handle those types of stains as well.

Once we’ve finished cleaning the carpet in your Coppell store, we recommend you take advantage of our carpet protectors. They act as a defense system, helping your carpet to stand up to the growing commercial traffic.

Why not get a great start to the New Year with clean carpet? Give us a call and we’ll schedule your carpet cleaning appointment.