Getting your Arlington house ready to sell? First get rid of any water damage!

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Don't let water damage hold you back from selling your house in Arlington!

Spring is quickly coming to an end, with summer fast approaching. What significance does that have for you? If you’re getting ready to sell your house, it plays a vital part in your decision making. Realtors in Arlington will tell you, this is one of the best times of year to sell your house.

The last thing you want potential buyers to see in your Arlington home is water damage to your flooring.

Life can come at us fast. We all can relate to that. You know the experiment Junior performed? He wanted to see what would happen if he left the water running in the bathtub. The results of Junior’s experiment? A major flood, producing water damage to your carpet.

Most people think a shop vac will take care of their water extraction needs. But that’s simply not true. To prevent lasting damage, you will need a professional, using industrial grade extraction equipment to help rid your carpet of the excess water.

Did you try to use a home shop vac for the extraction of water in your soaked carpets? Hmmm…maybe not the best choice. Now you’re left wondering what you should do.

Here’s the good news. We can help you with your situation. Even after the fact, we can come in and work on repairing the water damage to your carpet.

We’ll pre-treat your carpet with commercial grade enzymes. This will help to break down and kill the bacteria which might be growing in your carpet. Our industrial strength cleaning solutions will clean any residual stains. And our truck mounted equipment is a pro at water extraction. We won’t leave your carpets soaked. In fact, your carpets should be dry within a couple of hours after we leave your home. This ensures that your carpet won’t have any new water damage.

Want to get your house on the market, but your carpet is holding you back? Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Once Dr. Clean Carpet has taken care of the water damage to your carpet, your Arlington home will be ready to put up for sale.