Getting ready for your party in Frisco? Who to turn to for quality upholstery cleaning?

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Time for your Frisco Christmas party? Leave all the upholstery cleaning to us!

Time for your Frisco Christmas party? Leave all the upholstery cleaning to us!

Every night and every weekend, there are some kind of festivities going on in Frisco! In fact, you’re planning your own Christmas party. You’ve created quite a list of things to get done before the party. One of the last things for you to check off your list is upholstery cleaning for the furniture in the kitchen, dining room and living room.

You’re really excited about this Christmas party! Every year, you host a special celebration surrounding the joy of the season. Friends and family talk about and look forward to it throughout the whole year. Your guests always rave about how lovely your Frisco home looks. They compliment how beautifully decorated your home is at Christmas. And, of course, they thoroughly enjoy all the special foods on the menu.

As you’re planning for this year’s party, when you took an inspection of the kitchen, you noticed stains on the upholstery of the bar stools. And, the upholstery on the table chairs in the kitchen and dining room all could stand for a good cleaning.

Have you thought about cleaning your upholstery yourself? A lot of people do consider that. It’s not a bad option. But it probably isn’t your best choice at this point.

There’s so much to do to get ready for the party; a diy cleaning of the upholstery just creates an additional level of potential stress. Don’t do that to yourself! Instead, give us a call! Let Dr. Clean Carpet take care of all of the upholstery cleaning in your beautiful, Frisco home!