Frisco, don’t waste your time on cleaning your upholstery!

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Frisco, let us "tackle" your upholstery cleaning problems!

Frisco, let us “tackle” your upholstery cleaning problems!

Football is big in Frisco! We love it all. High school. Youth leagues.  And along with football comes tailgating. People in Frisco know how to tailgate … in style! We know how it goes. In the heat of the moment, with the big play on the line, someone stuffs their candy in a pocket. It gets forgotten,  that is until you get home. No doubt, those jeans are going to require a good cleaning. But, that’s not why you’re calling us. It’s that’s melted chocolate that got smeared all over your sofa’s upholstery.

Cleaning upholstery isn’t as simple as it may seem. Sure, you can do an internet search and find lots of diy suggestions for cleaning your upholstery. However, with diy tips, you’re not guaranteed successful results. One major concern is that you may actually, in your efforts to save money, make the problem worse.

What we’ve discovered, is there is no shortcut to cleaning upholstery safely and efficiently.

Just as we clean your carpet, we use the same tough methods to get out those deep stains in your upholstery.

We pre-treat with our powerful, preconditioning spray. This helps to emulsify the stains, breaking them down and making it easier for us to clean. Once this pretreatment spray has broken down the stains, we begin cleaning your upholstery. Using the same powerful equipment, at a lower PSI, we clean and remove the stains from your upholstery.

Frisco, you’re about to be in football heaven! With Thanksgiving just days away, you’re going to be in for a feast of football games. One little suggestion. Keep those ooey-gooey snacks away from the sofa. But, no worries. If you do get stains on your upholstery, you know who to call!