Fishing for help with your carpet cleaning in Grapevine?

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Don't let the sun set on those fishy smells in your carpet! Call the experts at Dr. Clean Carpet!

Grapevine is known for its beautiful lake. Anglers from all around come seeking the largemouth bass that are so prevalent in the Grapevine reservoir.

There’s nothing like spending the day fishing out on Lake Grapevine.

Coming home with your catch, you drop everything at the door. Before you start cleaning the fish, you want to take some time to kick your boots off and get a few minutes of rest.

Problem is, the bucket that was filled with fish and lake water got tumped over…with all its acrid contents spilling onto your carpet.

While fishing at Lake Grapevine was great, the pungent odor of fish that is now swimming in your carpet can be more than off-putting.

Face it, no amount of DIY cleaning is going to get that despicable stench out of your carpet.

But that fishy smell doesn’t stand a chance against the powerful cleaning methods Dr. Clean Carpet uses!

We’ll start by treating the affected area of your carpet with our all-natural, hypoallergenic enzymatic spray.  This will help to break down all of the bacteria that causes the odor.

Next, we’ll apply our commercial grade cleaning solution and follow that with the powerful combination of 200+ degree heated water and industrial strength truck mounted equipment.

After we’re through cleaning your carpet, you can confidently take a deep breath. That fishy smell will be gone!