Emergency water damage: a thing of the past for Arlington?

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Arlington's comic for flood safety

The city of Arlington reaches out to their young audience with the comic novel, "Sink or Swim!"

Everyone in Arlington knows the old adage: “April showers bring May flowers.” But that’s not all those showers can bring. Residents and business owners throughout Arlington are familiar with the challenges that these April showers can bring.

According to severe weather expert, Dr. Greg Forbes, April is one of the most prominent months for tornadoes in the North Texas area. This is significant to all the people in Arlington because the city is firmly entrenched in “Tornado Alley”.

Tornadoes…flash flooding…severe thunderstorms…volatile spring weather is just a reality for everyone who calls Arlington home.

And sadly, residents know what that can mean. High winds damage roofs and break windows. The results? Heavy leaks and wind driven rain can create an incredible amount of water damage in a short period of time! From blue skies to emergency sirens…it’s alarming how fast these storms can appear!

After the emergency has passed, home and business owners are left to cope with immense water damage created by the heavy storms.

Many of us remember the tremendous damage caused by Tropical Storm Hermine in the fall of 2010. There was widespread flooding in the city. Some of the low lying areas were literally submerged under water. Stranded residents were reached by boat and ladders when Arlington firefighters came to the rescue.

The city of Arlington wanted to reach out to the community with the message of being prepared. They chose to do so in a “novel” fashion. Their goal was to equip the citizens of Arlington with the necessary information so that they can respond quickly and safely in emergency water situations. That resulted in the creation of the flood safety comic book, “The Rescue League Academy: Sink or Swim”. (Click here to get your free copy.)

Texans are smart. We all know that severe storms can result in a great deal of water damage. In times of emergency, it’s always great to have someone you can trust. Dr. Clean has a team of trained professionals to help you in these challenging circumstances. Available 24/7, our team is ready to respond to your emergency, by tackling the damage in your home or office caused by rising water.

Thankfully, the forecast calls for rain…not heavy storms. And what better way to close out the month of April than by going to The Ballpark in Arlington for a Ranger’s home game? Can anyone say, “Batter up?!”