Two options for removing Easter egg dye stains from your carpet

Easter egg dye stains

Beautiful, aren't they? But, did all the color go onto the eggs...or did some find your carpet?

Easter was wonderful, wasn’t it?

After all, it is such a grand time full of beautiful Easter baskets, loads of candy, and – of course, those colorful Easter eggs!

That brings us to what I want to talk to you about.

Easter egg dye stains on your carpets!

While coloring eggs, did your little darlings accidentally knock over the cup of dye? No doubt, these can be some of the toughest stains to remove.

The way we see it, you have two options. You can try the DIY approach.

Sarah Aguirre of the Housekeeping section of offers a 9-step approach to attempting to remove the stains from your carpet.

You’ll notice that one of these steps suggests the idea of using ammonia to help remove the stain(s).

I don’t know about you, but introducing a “cleaning” agent that smells like a used kitty litter box isn’t my favorite idea of a cleaning agent. First of all, there’s no guarantee that it will remove the stain(s). But worse than that, if you have pets, it’s like putting a flashing neon sign advertising that area as a new and comfy pet “rest area”. If you don’t remove all of the ammonia, you’re likely to have new stains – thanks to your furry “babies”.

Now the DIY option certainly appears to be less expensive…at least up front. But, what about the toll on your energy, back and time?

We’d like to suggest what we think is the better option: hire a professional!

When you call Dr. Clean Carpet to take care of cleaning your carpets, you’re getting professionally trained technicians who are using the top of the line, truck mounted equipment along with the most powerful emulsifying, stain fighting products on the market.

To schedule your appointment, contact us by phone (972) 641-9400 or email.

Let us help you get rid of those stains. We want the only memory from Easter to be all the fun you had on your Easter egg hunt!