Dr. Clean delivers cleaner carpet to Dallas!

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Happy 60th birthday, Big Tex!

We all know how the old saying goes: “Everything’s bigger and better in Texas!” If there’s any doubt, we have only to turn to Big Tex, who’s returned to the State Fair in Dallas.* In fact, most people in Texas don’t want to settle for just being better…we like to be known as the best!

That same spirit of Texas pride runs deep with us at Dr. Clean Carpet. We don’t want our clients to just have cleaner carpets. We want them to have the cleanest carpets they’ve ever had!

Whether residential or commercial, Dallas knows which carpet cleaning company to call. Dr. Clean is confident that we know how to get your carpet cleaner than before. Like other good folks in Texas, we have our own share of bragging rights. We KNOW we can get your carpet cleaner! Here’s why.

The Dr. Clean Carpet exclusive hot water extraction method, partnered with our I.I.C.R.C. CERTIFIED technicians and top-quality equipment, make it the most effective, reliable and thorough method in the industry today! Our exclusive hot water extraction method penetrates the deepest and toughest dirt safely and gently – important, not only for the carpet, but especially for children and pets. Dr. Clean’s process starts with an all natural, hypoallergenic pre-treatment spray. Once applied to the carpet, it immediately begins to emulsify and break up the dirt and soils.

Then, followed with 220+ degree water and powerful suction, Dr. Clean rids the carpet in your Dallas home of deep stubborn dirt and allergens. Our high-powered, truck mounted equipment also removes dust, dust mites and other microscopic pollutants that collect in your carpet. (This is good news for those suffering from allergies and other breathing problems.) We finish by extracting all of the cleaning solution and approximately 95% of the moisture – resulting in a fast drying time.

Like most of us in Texas, you want to save money. We’re committed to helping all of our Dallas neighbors do just that. Dr. Clean is proud to say, we don’t leave any soapy residue behind. This keeps your carpet cleaner, longer – needing fewer cleanings.

Now you know… Dr. Clean can and will get your carpet cleaner than you’ve had before.

(*Just a friendly reminder: the State Fair of Texas is open through October 21st. Before heading out, check their website to find the best parking near this annual, Dallas attraction. http://www.bigtex.com/sft/)