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Another water pipe burst

A burst pipe can result in water damage.

Water is a topic of discussion for many folks in Dallas. That’s because the city has come up with what they believe is a good plan to conserve the city’s water supply. A permanent schedule of twice a week watering has been designed for the company or home owner. This fits well with Dallas’ motto: “Save water. Nothing can replace it.” For your convenience, we’re including the link for Dallas’ twice a week watering schedule. http://savedallaswater.com/twice-weekly-watering-schedule

Conservation isn’t the only discussion about water. Restoration is one of those subjects every company or Dallas resident hopes to avoid addressing. For example, when a pipe bursts or a washing machine malfunctions, this usually results in water damage. No matter what time of day or night, every Dallas company and home owner can call on Dr. Clean Carpet to take care of their restoration needs.

Our I.I.C.R.C. certified team leader will personally oversee all the restoration services for your Dallas business or residence. Even the smallest of floods can create water damage. And as we’ve shared before, any water damage can lead to health hazardous mold and fungus.

Dr. Clean has a team of trained water restoration technicians on standby – – every hour of every day. While you’re waiting for our team to arrive, here is what we suggest you do:

  • For your safety, do not attempt to vacuum the water up with any appliances requiring an electrical source.
  • Remove personal items from all flooring that has been damaged by flooding. Check closets and under beds to determine if these areas have also received water damage.
  • Remove antiques or other valuable items from the water. This will help to reduce swelling as well as prevent any further staining from your furniture onto your carpet. 

You can relax, knowing that you and your carpet are in the capable care of Dr. Clean Carpet, Dallas’ top restoration company.