Dallas dials Dr. Clean for optimum disaster restoration services

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Texas Tornadoes can deliver massive damage!

We Texans love our sports teams. And who doesn’t love to be associated with winners? The Mavericks and Stars have both won a national championship. Currently, the Rangers are on track to return to the Worlds Series. And of course, the beloved Dallas Cowboys, with their 5 Lombardi trophies, have a tradition of winning. Guess it might be said that Dallas is used to being number one.

But Dallas holds a top spot, most of us would rather relinquish. In 2011, Sperling’s Best Places and the New York Times ranked Dallas as the highest risk city in the nation when it comes to natural disasters. This is no surprise to business and homeowners in Dallas. National Weather Service Meteorologist Bill Buntin said, “There’s no doubt that the Metroplex faces virtually every hazard you can imagine.”  Drought. Wildfires. Severe thunderstorms. Tornadoes. Flash flooding. These are all common news stories to most Dallas residents.

Those who have lived through a disaster know firsthand how they can create havoc in our lives. The damages can be severe. A quick response is the best way to restore your carpet and save you money. That’s where the professionals at Dr. Clean Carpet come in. We have highly trained technicians on call, 24/7, ready to respond to whatever emergency may come your way.