Cedar Hill residents want to be prepared in the case of emergency water damage

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Our neighbors to the north of us continue to be pounded by seemingly relentless severe storms!*

Cedar Hill and surrounding areas in North Texas have been hearing their fair share of emergency sirens, as well.  A deluge of thunderstorms have followed one after the other. Folks in Cedar Hill have been concerned with the potential emergency that could be caused by rising water.

Flash floods are one emergency that can cause water damage. People in both Texas and Oklahoma have endured one emergency after another and have seen more than enough damage!

All we have to do is to turn on the television to view the extensive damage caused by tornadoes and rising water.

As a resident or business owner in Cedar Hill, you want to know what to do in the case of emergency water damage.

Here are a few tips for what you should do to help minimize the amount of damage in such an emergency situation. (But first, make sure it’s safe for you to return to/be in your Cedar Hill home.)

  1. Stay calm! Dr. Clean’s emergency team of highly trained professionals are on their way!
  2. Do not attempt to vacuum or remove the water with any appliances requiring an electrical source. It could pose a dangerous threat of electrocution.
  3. You will want to get everything off the floor that has been affected by water. Be sure to check in the closets and under the beds.
  4. Remove all antiques and your other valuable items from any standing water. This will help to reduce the swelling and staining of the furniture on your carpet, thereby minimizing the damage to your flooring.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your friends at Dr. Clean are only a phone call away.


*Our thoughts and prayers go out to those impacted by the Oklahoma tornadoes.