Beat out your Addison competition with a professional tile and grout cleaning

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Be the best by having the cleanest kitchen in town!

Be the best by having the cleanest kitchen in town!

Addison is known for its restaurants. If you’re an owner of one of those restaurants, you know just how competitive the restaurant scene can be in Addison. You want to do all that you can to maximize your advantage to come out on top.

Wouldn’t you like to know a way you can go about cleaning out your competition? We’re aware you have that surprise health inspection each year. Why not be known for having the cleanest kitchen in Addison?

At Dr. Clean Carpet, we specialize in tile and grout cleaning.  Our technicians are highly trained in removing the grease, dirt and bacteria that get absorbed in the porous grout.

We understand what a negative impact dirty tiles and grout can have on your business…as well as on your grade with the health inspector.

Our cleaning and restoration methods will rid your grout and tile of unwanted dirt, grease and dangerous bacteria.

When our technician arrives at your restaurant in Addison, he will apply an industrial strength cleaning solution to your grout and tile. This will begin to emulsify the built up grease and lodged debris. What follows is a 200+ degree hot water rinse and then a final extraction using our truck mounted, commercial grade vacuum.  Now, your tile and grout will not only look but smell clean and fresh.

We have one final recommendation. Maximize the length of time your tile and grout looks fresh by having us apply a grout sealant. This specialized application will protect your grout, making it easier for you to keep your grout and tile cleaner for a longer period of time. That translates into saving you time and money.

Why wait any longer? Give Dr. Clean Carpet a call and get a jump on your competition in Addison!