Baseball souvenirs for your carpet?

baseball carpet stains

Spring. For baseball fans, it’s the greatest time of the year!

The new season has begun and our hometown team, the Texas Rangers, is off to a great start!

So, what does baseball have to do with carpet cleaning? Well, it’s really quite simple.

We know how it is. You go to the game and have a great time. Of course, you’ve

Batter up! Time to head out to the baseball game!

got to hit up the concession stands. Hot dogs with mustard and chili cheese nachos are some of the best at the ballpark. And who can resist ice cream in a souvenir plastic baseball cap?

Here’s the deal. After you spend a small fortune for your food and drinks, you’re going to want to pack up your souvenir cups and caps to take them home. That’s where the trouble begins.

In all the excitement from the game, you forgot to empty and rinse those cups and caps. From the ballpark to your home, they’ve had a chance to tip over in your bag. Yep, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

When you get into the house, you fail to see the trail of soda pop, melted ice cream, cheese sauce and chili grease your bag is depositing all over your beautiful carpet.

Stains on your carpet aren’t the kind of souvenirs you want to keep. But, there’s no need to let this mishap spoil the memory of your outing to the ballpark. Instead of stressing out, pick up the phone and call Dr. Clean Carpet.

When our technicians arrive, they will spray a pre-conditioner on your carpet to loosen any stubborn stains. Next, they’ll use the power of 220+ degree water combined with our professional strength cleaning solutions to release the food stains. And then it’s all extracted with the powerful suction of our truck mounted equipment.

After they’ve finished cleaning your carpet, the only souvenirs you’ll have from the game are the cups, caps and fun memories you made.