After your Memorial Day BBQ, it’s time for some serious carpet cleaning!

Memorial Day carpet cleaning, News & Updates

We thank all those - and their families - who have faithfully served America!

Throughout the week and on Memorial Day, most of us in the DFW area were remembering and honoring those who have paid the ultimate price in serving their country.

Some of you may have chosen to have a Memorial Day/weekend celebration. Of course, there’s nothing like a good cookout to grill and barbeque with your family and friends. Great food and fun times were had by all. That is, all but your carpet.

Those paper plates just are too flimsy for the heaping portions that got doled out. We know what happened…the inevitable collapse of the plate with a full serving of barbeque sauce and grease. Those make for some of the toughest stains in your carpet. Sure, you tried cleaning them, but without professional equipment and commercial grade cleaning solutions, you just don’t stand much of a chance of getting those stains out of your carpet.

We don’t want you to regret having a Memorial Day grill out. And we don’t want you to stress out about the idea of cleaning those stains in your carpet.

Rather, have Dr. Clean Carpet come to the rescue. After all, cleaning your carpet is our specialty.

When our team of technicians is through cleaning your carpet, you won’t be able to tell that you even had a Memorial Day grill out. Your carpet will look clean and smell fresh.

Don’t want to look at those stains in your carpet any longer? Give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!