A carpet cleaning S.O.S….potty training time!

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How can such a sweet face spell S.O.S. to your carpet?

Potty training can be one of the most challenging tasks for parents of little ones.

It’s a time when you may find yourself questioning your methods. But, be kind to yourself. Keep in mind, you will be successful in potty training your toddler. It’s just a matter of time.

When beginning the task of potty training, you might want to check out some of the tips offered on Parents.com.

Rewards, stickers, praise and a variety of other ideas are worth checking into. When potty training your child, remember that each little one is unique and may very likely respond to a different approach. And that’s perfectly fine. Give yourself permission to try out different methods…and keep at it until you find the one that best fits your child.

At first, we mentioned that potty training can be challenging to you as a parent. But, it can also be rough on your carpet.

Invariably, your little one will have accidents. A piddle here and a poo there can become a carpet cleaning nightmare. Your tendency may be to stress over the accidents on the carpet.

But you don’t have to stress. That’s because you have Dr. Clean Carpet on your side. Just a quick call is all it takes and our team of pros will be on their way to your home.

Cleaning your carpet is our number one goal. We understand how important this is to you, because your carpet is where your little one spends most of her time.

While you’re waiting on us to arrive, we recommend you do a “spot cleaning” on the “accident” area(s).  If it’s a liquid stain, put a small, clean rag on it and blot up all of the excess fluid. That will help to prevent it from soaking into the carpet pad.

Worried about the safety of our cleaning solutions for your little one? No need. We make sure that our cleaning supplies are strong enough to kill the bacteria in your carpet, but are gentle enough so that your baby can get back to playing on the carpet.

And as for potty training your toddler? No matter which method you choose, we’re confident your little one soon will be potty trained!