5 words of advice for Grapevine homeowners: choose a professional carpet cleaner!

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Gridiron chips and dips

Good food, football, family and friends = a winning combination!

It’s just hours away from the Big Game! It’s the ultimate experience in professional football! And Grapevine is buzzing with activity as fans are frantically making preparations for their football watching parties.

You’re going to have a house full of passionate fans. No doubt, you’ll have a feast fit for the faithful. In all of the excitement, there’s bound to be a spill or two.

And, as with any crucial game,we can expect to see a few fumbles. Unfortunately, it’s not only the football that can get dropped. Sloppy Joes, nachos and barbeque ribs can find themselves sliding off the plate and onto your carpet.

Fast forward to Super Monday. You and your guests had a great time watching the game. But now that the party’s over, you survey the aftermath of another gridiron gathering. It’s time to begin the clean up.

Guess you’ve started pulling out every cleaner you can find so you can begin tackling the job.  Couldn’t find any of the carpet cleaner solution? We understand you want your carpet to be cleaner than clean. And with all you have to do to get everything cleaned up from the party, the last thing you’re going to want to have to hassle with is renting a carpet cleaner from the grocery store.

This is where Dr. Clean comes in. We are a professional carpet cleaning company. By calling us to your Grapevine home, you won’t have to break a sweat in getting your carpet clean. That’s because we’re going to provide you with professional services.

We’ll help create that fresh-new look, not to mention, add life back to your carpet. We’ll get your carpet cleaner than any rental machine could. Our I.I.C.R.C certified technicians, partnered with the Dr. Clean carpet exclusive hot water extraction method,  and top-quality equipment make it the most effective, reliable and thorough method in the industry today!

When our professional technician arrives at your home in Grapevine, he will begin by applying an all natural, hypoallergenic pre-wash spray to your carpet. This will start to emulsify and break up the dirt and soils.

Then he’ll follow that process with using our professional-grade, truck-mounted equipment, which generates 220+ degree water and powerful suction, to clean and extract deep stubborn dirt, allergens, cleaning solution and about 95% of the moisture. This results in a much faster drying time.

How perfect… now, your carpet will be ready for your upcoming, Valentine party!