4 top tips to know in case of emergency water damage in Grapevine

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Toilet is overflowing

An overflowing toilet can create buckets of water damage!

Whenever there’s rain in the forecast, Grapevine residents know that there’s always the potential for severe weather. Too often, home and business owners in Grapevine have had to deal with emergency water damage caused by flash flooding.

But severe weather isn’t the only cause of water damage. It’s an automatic switch into emergency status when your bathroom toilet or washing machine overflows.

And it’s not just your flooring that you stand to lose. Water damage can destroy family photos, documents, and expensive furniture in your beautiful, Grapevine home.

When you’re facing a water emergency, we recommend you take the following, immediate actions to minimize water damage to your valuables.

  2. Remove personal property from the flooded floors. Be sure to check closets and under the beds.
  3. Remove antiques or other valuable items from the water. This will help to reduce swelling as well as the transfer of stain from the furniture onto your carpet.
  4. Most importantly…do NOT try to vacuum the water with any appliances requiring an electrical source. It could be hazardous!

We want you to be safe! And so does the city of Grapevine. With CodeRED, they have provided a community notification system that will email or text you alerts regarding severe weather or any pending emergency. As a resident of Grapevine, enrollment is free. Just visit their website at www.grapevinetexas.gov and click on the CodeRED button.